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Hey guys!
Hope you're doing fine.
Today it's 10 days to Alexander's concert here in Sweden. I missing him so bad haha.
Today I am also going to write about the day at "Gröna Lund" when Alex played there.

Dear dairy. 30 th August 2009. Therese.

Today I woke up at 5.30 AM. Early I know. But as you know I'm going to Gröna Lund and see Alex today. Again!
I'm really happy!
Ellie were sleeping over from yesterday to today.

At 6.30 AM we were supposed to take the bus to Gröna Lund. But we were lazy and missed the bus, so we walked to Gröna Lund instead for taking the bus. So we were at Gröna Lund at 7 AM.
Already at Gröna Lund it were some people but they were there for the swedish band EMD. I don't like them.
So we walked down to the other entrance and started to queue for Alex there.
On our way to Gröna Lund we saw some posters of Alex. We were illegal and scratch them down. Only 2. It was a poster of Alex (publicity for his concerts in Sweden).
Back to Gröna Lund.
At those posters (on the backside) we wrote Alex. Look at that picture below.
This is my poster. Alexander, Ådne and Ulf-Arne. And their autographs. And I should've wrote Eirik. But I didn't know that he would be there.

When we were sitting there, those other girls came down to us. They were really nice and kind.
Hours later Caroline came to us and joined us.

At 10 AM a girl from Nickelodeon came and asked which girls who were there first.
It showed to be me, Frida (one of those kind girls) and two other girls.
We followed the cute girl from Nickelodeon and they took photographs of us and a small interview. Then we helped the girl and some other guys from Nickelodeon to make everything perfect before the start. When we were done we could take the places that we wanted to have. You know, in front of the stage (in the middle).

At 12 PM the entrance were opening. Like 3 minutes after that we saw all of those hysterical girls running for their lifes to the stage haha. I should've taking some pictures of that - but I forgot.
Then soundcheck started etc. We also had some fun and went Insane. It's one attraction called Insane - so fun! Also we went Extreme, Flying Carpet, Jet Line, Wild Mouse.
Then we ate lunch and listened to Markoolio, and some of the other artists.

At 2 PM Alexander had soundcheck. Oh My God - I will never forget when the whole public screamed. It was an exciting feeling.
When the dancers saw me they recognized me and waved to me. When the soundcheck were over Ulf-Arne came down and asked how I were and yeah, like a caring dad. And then he gave me a warm lovley hug.

At 4 PM The event started. In the beginning it was just real bad artists. Then our love came out on stage. Alexander Rybak. He was just great. NO he wasn't - He was perfect.
Alex - This is my dear dancers. Eirik a really good dancers, Ulf-Arne Norways greatest dancer. And does anyone know his name? *point at Ådne*
Me and some others - ÅDNE!
Ulf-Arne - *point at us from the stage and laughing*
Ådne - *smiling and wave to us*
Alex - That's correct. Ådne. Norways most covet bachelor!
The crowd - *SCREAMING*
Then Alex has his show. Funny Little World, Roll With The Wind - And of course Fairytale.
Almost no one in the crowd had heard Roll With The Wind. Anyway when Alex played Roll With The Wind he recognized me when he sang "I would never blame you for the hard day. I would never blame you for the tears." He sang that to me. And smiled alot. So cute. You can see evidence on YouTube. :) 
After the show it was sign with the artist - but I wasn't there. Instead of going and meet the artist I talked to Ulf-Arne, Eirik and Ådne.
The dancers really making you happy. Full of happiness. I love that feeling in my soul when I meet them.
We asked if Eirik and Ådne if they wanted to went Jet Line with us and they said yes.
What we didn't know was that a couple of girls followed us. When we were at the station I asked Ådne if he wanted to go with me and he said yes and took a step forward. Then one of those girls who followed us said: He won't go with you. He's going with me! I saw the disappointment in his face. He is that kind of person that can't say no. So I asked Eirik instead and he said yes. So we went Jet Line. Really cosy.
Eirik and Me :)

After when we'd went Jet Line they'd to go. Ådne complained that he had to go back home to Norway. He wanted to stay in Sweden. Just for the night. Eirik agreed with him. But they had to go home. So we had a cosy time with them. A lot of hugs, kisses on the cheeks and a sad goodbye.
I love them.

Kisses to my dear dairy. Therese.

Ps. Next time we'll meet is 19th october.


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