Day off

I like that picture, alex is so cute, and we are having the same taste on drinks ;)

"Jeg er som en fjårtis, jeg dricker bare rusebrus" haha the funniest thing alex have been said in an interview

Today alex is having a day off, and he really deserevd that. He have been reading fan blog's and watching youtube videos about him, haha and then he have been anserwing comments on Facebook, that's really nice, does he ansarved you?

I started to laugh about this:

Alexander Rybak
Ok, and now it´s time for a little more angry message, since I´ve been so cute and all. ;) Today I have a day off, and therefore I have been answering your comments for THE FIRST TIME! :) But do you REALLY expect me to answer your comments all the I mean, isn´t it enough that I start a thread so YOU can comment? I mean, give me a break. ;)

Haha, yes alex you have been sooooooo cute and all but it was fun to read anyway


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