Bye :)

Im now all alone haha, cause Therese have been taken the plane to Egypt, im jealous of her, so goodbye to Therese, hope she is having a wonderful time there!

But now to Alexander. Yesterday he were in Gothenburg, our friends was there and they had a really good time there, im waitng for pictures ;)
Today they guys (alex + frikar) are in Malmö for the last show in sweden, it's kinda of sad, i want them to come back to STOCKHOLM for a LAST show, that would be amazing, haha dream on Ellie..

Im going to make a new header today, im kind of tierd of the one we are having now, have a great day and i wish you Alexander Rybak the best on your last show here in sweden tonight

I choosed a picture of Alexander and Therese because i love them and they are not here and i miss them ;)


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